Tango is an established leather fashion house amongst Thailand top fashion elites and royalties. The fine craftsmanship of bespoke pieces make the house of Tango exceptional and a well-known in Thai fashion for over 30 years. Tango woman is passionate, daring, bold and colourful. The brand developing journey of designs, techniques and with the understanding of our customers we can turn every imaginations into reality. Tango creations are unique in design and eye catching in colours with great attention in details. Each creation is a masterpiece and the quality speaks for itself. With fine exotic materials sourcing from all around the world, selected and cared specially with our leather care team. All Tango creations are hand produced in-house in Bangkok, by an expert team of highly experienced artisans; a handful of which who were originally trained by Mr. and Mrs. Pechdasada.

Tango plays a great role behind Thai fashion scenes, until today we continuously co-production for innovative show items during the London, Paris and Bangkok fashion weeks, from many young designers to established brands.


Siam Center 1st floor 10AM-10PM
Siam Paragon M floor 10AM-10PM
Siam Discovery G floor 10AM-10PM
Isetan G floor 10:30AM-21:30PM

Robinsons Festive City, Dubai

Robinsons KSA

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